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timber constructed for a roof construction timber roof structure

Starting a commercial project?

We can supply you with high quality timber that is perfect for commercial construction projects. Our construction timber is often used for agricultural building projects, and can provide you with a reliable building material that won't break the bank.

Need various sizes of commercial construction timber?

Our timber comes in a range of lengths and widths to suit all requirements. We are also qualified to visually strength grade and stamp timber, under the BM Trade Certification scheme, so that we can meet your requirements for structural grade timber of all sizes.

Sizes include:

  • 75mm x 125mm x 3.6m – 6.0m

  • 75mm x 150mm x 3.6m – 6.0m

  • 75mm x 175mm x 3.6m – 6.0m

  • 75mm x 225mm x 3.6m – 6.0m

  • 75mm x 150mm x 6.0m – 9.0m

  • 75mm x 175mm x 6.0m – 9.0m

  • 75mm x 225mm x 6.0m – 9.0m