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Timber Treatment

William Kirkwood & Sons have 50 years of experience in the pressure treating of timber with our on-site plant.  As part of our service we offer treatment with Tanalith™E8000 which provides effective long term protection against fungal and insect attack.

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UC4 Incised Post

William Kirkwood & Sons also stocks Incised Fencing posts where incising technology is used to allow a deeper and more consistent penetration of preservative into the timber.

Timber is susceptible to fungal and insect attack when exposed to certain conditions; forcing preservative into the timber under high pressure can extend the service life of properly treated timber by up to ten times. Timber can be preservative treated to suit the degree of hazard it is likely to be subjected to in its eventual end use.  Our fencing timbers are treated to either Use Class 3 (HC3) or Use Class 4 (HC4)


Incised Posts